Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pickup my order?

Yes! Actually, we prefer it! We always like to meet and see the smiles that we put on our lucky buyers' faces. Pickup is only available to Victorian (Australia) residents, and typically from our office in Maribyrnong (3032). However, special arrangements can be made for pickup from other locations, so feel free to contact us or use the special message section during checkout. Please also note that we currently only accept cash payment for pickups.

Can I pay cash?

We only accept cash if you choose to pickup. Pickup is only available to Victorian (Australia) residents.

What is Zircon?

Zircon is a silicate mineral which is the main ore of the metal Zirconium. It is commonly found in acid igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and river sediments. Zircon is very chemically stable, making it gem-grade and perfect for jewellery.

What are the benefits of Sterling Silver?
  • Silver ions have excellent anti-bacterial and sterilisation effects on the human body. The average antibiotic can only target 6 types of bacteria, whereas silver can eliminate up to 650 kinds.
  • The thermal conductivity of silver is the most prominent amongst all metals and can quickly dissipate body heat from blood vessels. Gold has only 53% of thermal conductivity of silver, Iron is 11%, and Platinum is 8%. This distinctive heat transferring property rapidly reduces blood calories and is excellent at preventing various diseases.
  • Silver will react to many toxins by turning black. It is often used as a tool for drug testing. This discolouration is only a surface reaction, and can be easily removed using toothpaste and various other solutions.
  • In ancient times, silver was said to have healing properties, accelerating wound healing, preventing infections, purify water and preserve freshness. It can prevent the growth of bacteria, clean the body of toxins, clear the mind, stop panic and eliminate evil. It is also said to bring about luck and prosperity.
  • It is both great economic value, whilst also retaining a beautiful appearance.
How can I best take care of my Sterling Silver Jewellery?

To prevent scratching or deformation, do not wear your Sterling Silver jewellery with other metal jewellery. Avoid contact with water and chemicals. Immediately dry with supplied cleaning cloth. If not wearing the jewellery regularly, store it in a sealed box or bag.

What can damage my Sterling Silver jewellery?

To maintain the safety of your jewellery, we recommend keeping it away from any chemicals, sulfur-based soaps, seawater, perfumes and other cosmetics. Do not wear silver in baths, swimming pools or hot springs. Also avoid pulling hard or putting too much weight on your silver jewellery.

Why did my Sterling Silver jewellery turn black?

Sterling Silver will naturally oxidise into a black colour. If your jewellery has oxidised, give it a gentle scrub using a soft brush with a bit of toothpaste. Some hand soaps or detergents may also be used. If washing is required, dry the jewellery with a cloth immediately after washing.

What is the cloth included with my jewellery for?

All our silverware products include a Silver Polishing Cloth. The cloth ensures that you can keep your jewellery looking glossy and clean. Only use the supplied cloth to clean your jewellery, as other methods may damage it. All silver naturally undergoes oxidation over time. If you see the silver start to turn black, give it a gentle polish using the cloth. Both sides of our Polishing Cloths are lint-free and can be used.

Is Sterling Silver dangerous?

A few people may be allergic to Sterling Silver.